Anthozoa, consists of a series of sculptures visually portraying a narrative that celebrates the tenacity of marine life during challenging circumstances. The project draws attention to the fragility of the ocean’s ecosystem and the urgent need for conservation. It serves as a direct call to action, conveying a message of hope and resilience. Through captivating sculptures, it communicates the idea that beauty and strength can emerge even in the face of destruction. 

Each sculpture represents the chemical processes that acroporas, a type of coral, undergo to protect themselves from their warming environment. 
The color palettes used in these sculptures symbolize these processes. This aspect of the project pays homage to the documentary “Chasing Coral,” which sheds light on the effects of environmental changes on coral reefs. 

The sculptures seamlessly integrate technical parameter data that mirrors the state of the coral. This information is expertly translated into the shapes 
of the sculptures.

In terms of materials, the sculptures are meticulously crafted using a combination of oxide, synthetic resin, sand, salt, PLA (a biodegradable thermoplastic), and stainless steel for structural support.