Cristal De La Cruz (Dominican, 1990) is profoundly captivated by the power of the ocean, the mystery of its existence, and the intangible connection between organisms and their ecosystem. She focuses on the infinitesimally small, which appears delicate within the complexity of existence.

As a Visual Artist and Sculptor, she adeptly navigates diverse disciplines and layers. She delves into uncharted narratives within speculative scenarios, harnessing the power of generated parameters to sculpt forms and orchestrate kinetic movements through modern mechanics. Infusing her work with a love for craftsmanship, she seamlessly combines with mechanics often perceived as cold, static, and still. In her art, De La Cruz aims to merge these two worlds.

De La Cruz explores the “morphology” of living and dead organisms, studying the interweaving structures within ecosystems. She seeks to understand their workings, certain repetitions, interconnections, form, structure, and color, aiming to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

De La Cruz experiments with various materials such as minerals, paint, silicone, porcelain, and metal, all starting as fluid and then hardening into form. The dedication involved in studying the undersea world has always fascinated her, and she finds herself automatically incorporating this interest into her work. The ocean’s mysterious aura, its softness, and its daring outcomes make it a sublime space where chaos and beauty coexist, something that consistently resonates with her.